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Who Was Briseis?

  Briseis may have looked like this. When I first read the Iliad, Briseis captured my imagination and begged me to tell her story. Who was Briseis? Everyone’s heard of Achilles. Mention the name of Briseis, however, and you’ll likely be met with a blank stare. A very minor character…

A Direct Link Between Myth and History?

A direct link between myth and recorded history? You decide. An ancient legend, an ancient curse. A sacrilege is committed in Athena’s sanctuary during the sack of Troy. The goddess demands retribution. Two maidens, sworn to virginity, must serve as slaves for a year in her temple on an alien…

New Publication Date for SHADOW OF ATHENA!

  Knox Robinson Publishing has sent out the 2016 publication list, and SHADOW OF ATHENA is due to be published on October 11, 2016. As of now it is listed to come out as a hardback, but that could change. I will add updates as I am informed of them.

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