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Someone who read my book asked what the Phoenician ship that Marpessa and Arion traveled on looked like. So here is a picture. If any of my readers have questions about SHADOW OF ATHENA, I would welcome them. Click on this link and it will take you right to the…

A Friend Reviewed SHADOW OF ATHENA on her Webside

My childhood friend, Ann Metlay of Cottonwood, Arizona, has forged a new career as an artist in a unique medium. Ann creates sculptures from wood she finds in the desert and woodlands near her home. Here is how she describes her work: “I see myself as an assemblage artist, not…

Camping As Research?

  Ah, summer! We are on our annual camping trip. As twilight falls, I crouch on the shore of a beautiful lake in the Sierras. Before me is the cooking pot in which I made mac and cheese, and it’s very messy, with pasta and congealed cheddar sticking to the…

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