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Author of The Loyalist’s Wife and its sequel, The Loyalist’s Luck, released in fall, 2014, Elaine Cougler is a lifelong reader of historical fiction. A retired teacher and descendant of Loyalists, she spends her time writing, reading and researching, with the occasional trip to far-off places sweetening her days.

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Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. The Best Writers’ Tools.

After Christmas this year I felt the need to do something other than sit at my computer all day so I was elated when I found this unopened jigsaw puzzle in my basement. It had been there so long its source was no longer known but I hauled it out…

How Do You Keep Your Inspiration?

Author Maaja Wentz Today I have the distinct pleasure of entertaining here on my historical fiction blog an author from a different genre. Maaja Wentz is a Toronto writer whose joyous smile shown at left is heightened in her lively guest post below. Welcome to Maaja! Enjoy, Everyone! And don’t…

War On Our Doorstep!

Have you ever heard a cannon boom into the stillness? Or seen soldiers drop on a battlefield as it was in the War of 1812? The roar of the three-pounder cannon and the white smoke clouding vision and stinging eyes are all pretty effective as you watch another re-enactment of…

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