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Author of The Loyalist’s Wife and its sequel, The Loyalist’s Luck, released in fall, 2014, Elaine Cougler is a lifelong reader of historical fiction. A retired teacher and descendant of Loyalists, she spends her time writing, reading and researching, with the occasional trip to far-off places sweetening her days.

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The Link Between Books and Beauty

From www.lostateminor.com, this photo makes me want to visit Buenos Aires. From time to time I get emails in relation to my Pinterest account and the boards I’ve shown interest in. One of those boards is libraries and I have many lovely library pictures from around the world. This article…

A Summer Day Trip in Ontario

This morning I’m writing my weekly blog post while on a bit of a car trip with my husband. We are driving down highway 401to Windsor early this warm and humid day in southern Ontario in connection with hubby’s STEM Camp duties. All along the flat lands surrounding Chatham and…

20+ Ways to Make Your Book Table a Book SALES Table

Here’s a book display I did early on in my new-author-selling-books career. It’s not bad but below is a list of things I’ve learned along the way and I hope some of them are useful to other authors.       20+ Ways to Make Your Book Table a Book…

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