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Author of The Loyalist’s Wife and its sequel, The Loyalist’s Luck, released in fall, 2014, Elaine Cougler is a lifelong reader of historical fiction. A retired teacher and descendant of Loyalists, she spends her time writing, reading and researching, with the occasional trip to far-off places sweetening her days.

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Historical Fiction Book Giveaway!

  Click above for your chance to win! February 20-26 Don’t wait. The first book in the Loyalist Trilogy. Save .huge-it-share-buttons { border:0px solid #0FB5D6; border-radius:5px; background:#3BD8FF; text-align:left; } #huge-it-share-buttons-top {margin-bottom:0px;} #huge-it-share-buttons-bottom {margin-top:0px;} .huge-it-share-buttons h3 { font-size:25px ; font-family:Arial,Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,sans-serif; color:#666666; display:block; line-height:25px ; text-align:left; } .huge-it-share-buttons ul { float:left;…

One Thing I Would Never Do

Think a moment. What is one thing you would never do? You probably have quite a list, if you’re anything like me, but for our purposes as authors we need to pick the one thing our characters would never do. And then make them do it. This lets our readers…

Refugees Then and Now

The United States is famous for its Statue of Liberty, its beacon to the tired, the homeless and the poor, to paraphrase Emma Lazarus’ poem, which, along with the statue, is well known as a proud welcoming image for immigrants to the United States of America. A short time ago…

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