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Author of The Loyalist’s Wife and its sequel, The Loyalist’s Luck, released in fall, 2014, Elaine Cougler is a lifelong reader of historical fiction. A retired teacher and descendant of Loyalists, she spends her time writing, reading and researching, with the occasional trip to far-off places sweetening her days.

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Chocolate and Raspberries and HF Authors. Yummy!

M.K.Tod author of newly released Time and Regret Today I welcome two wonderful writers to my blog–Mary K. Tod and Helen Hollick–both of whom write delicious historical fiction among other things. Mary has a new book just launched so that is the prime subject today but I’m going to point…

Writing Superheroes: Elaine Cougler

Writing Superheroes–from a conference a couple of years ago. Yesterday I got to spend some time over on a different website where Maria Grace has created a dream of a site. She included me in her series about author superheroes, a thrill to be sure. I’ve linked to the interview…

Keeping History Alive By Living It: Re-Enactors

by Meagan Ashleigh-Moeyaert Have you ever wanted to sit on the sidelines and watch history unfold before your very eyes? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to be part of it, experiencing first-hand the sweat and the swirling smoke after a firing? Well, you can do either of these things. Re-enactors are…

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