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Edward is a Review Editor for Historical Novels Review. He lives in Cheltenham where he retired after a varied career, including being an official of the EU Commission in Brussels and advising several governments on the reform of their social welfare systems. He has published 3 non-fiction books and so far one historical novel, ‘Freedom’s Pilgrim’ published on Amazon Kindle(see my blog)

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The Unreliable Witness

Who was the first person to walk from Mexico to Canada?  In fact there were three of them who reached the Gulf of St Lawrence, out of 25 who set out from Mexico.  They were David Ingram, Richard Thwaite and Richard Twide. Never heard of them?  They were among the…

Meet Kim Fleet

My guest author today is Kim Fleet, a fellow resident in Cheltenham who has written a thriller about ‘the dark side’ of our elegant town.  It is called Paternoster and is a time slip novel set partly in the present day and partly in the 18th century.  For more see my…

Meet Jo McMillan

Today my interview is with Jo McMillan, author of Motherland, part novel, part memoir of a teenage girl’s experience of late stage Communism in the English West Midlands and East Germany.  It is strikingly different to most of the historical novels I review, as you will see if you look on…

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