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Edward is a Review Editor for Historical Novels Review. He lives in Cheltenham where he retired after a varied career, including being an official of the EU Commission in Brussels and advising several governments on the reform of their social welfare systems. He has published 3 non-fiction books and two historical novels, ‘Freedom’s Pilgrim’ published on Amazon Kindle(see my blog) and ‘The Frozen Dream’ published by Silverwood Books and also available on Kobo.

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Open Novella Competition

Christmas has come early!  I’ve just had news that I have won 2nd prize in the National Association of Writers’ Groups Open Novella Competition.  The prize is £200 towards the cost of printing the novella. My entry was the first 5000 words of my forthcoming book/novella which I is currently…

Meet Melvyn Bragg

Last year I interviewed Melvyyn Bragg who had recently published his latest historical novel Now is the Time, about the Peasants Revolt in England in the 14th century.  The book is reviewed in the current (Nov 2016) issue of Historical Novels Review.  The book was published before the so-called ‘revolt…


The winners of The Cheltenham Prize, the short story competition organised by Cheltenham Writers’ Circle, were announced at the awards ceremony yesterday afternoon (9th October).  They are listed in cheltprize.wordpress.com The judge’s report and my report as organiser will be appearing  on the blog later this week.  Follow cheltprize for…

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