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Edward is a Review Editor for Historical Novels Review. He lives in Cheltenham where he retired after a varied career, including being an official of the EU Commission in Brussels and advising several governments on the reform of their social welfare systems. He has published 3 non-fiction books and two historical novels, ‘Freedom’s Pilgrim’ published on Amazon Kindle(see my blog) and ‘The Frozen Dream’ published by Silverwood Books and also available on Kobo.

From my website

The Impossible Walk

I’ve decided to  start a third novel – which isn’t to say I will finish it.  So I’ve written the Prologue which you will find on this blog as a page titled THE IMPOSSIBLE WALK.  A lot of people write sequels to their previous novels and some people write prequels.…


The Battle of Hastings wasn’t fought at Hastings and William the Conqueror didn’t land here (the events took place at Battle and Pevensey respectively), but Hastings in Sussex does have history of its own which I discovered on a  recent visit.  Just east of the promenade and the funfairs lies…

Birmingham Back-to-Backs

The back-to-backs were a type of working class housing which was common in the cities of Northern England and the Midlands in the 19th century and most of which have now been demolished as slums.  Four have been saved in Birmingham and are now preserved by the National Trust as…

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