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Author of Saxon saga ‘Wulfsuna’ published by SilverWood Books. ‘Wulfsuna’ is the first in the ‘Wolf Spear Saga’ series where the ancient saga weaves its chaos into the lives of Saxon warriors and a young female Seer. Elaine is a reader of Saxon, Viking and supernatural adventures, former Aromatherapist and lover of family and nature.

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Party Time!

WULFSUNA BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners – 1st Prize – Marsha will receive a signed paperback copy of ‘WULFSUNA’ & a 2016 SilverWood calendar. 2nd Prize – Kat will receive a 2016 SilverWood calendar. 3rd Prize – Guthbrand will receive a 2016 SilverWood calendar. For those of you who…

Spring/Summer 2015 Update

One thing I am learning is to never, ever say you “don’t have much on this month”. It’s dangerous to tempt fate, as those in my Wolf Spear sagas know. She is devious and will strike without warning. Ergo, you can one day be admiring all the clean, empty boxes…

‘Wulfsuna’ – Book Signing

On Saturday 14th March at 1pm I was at The Big Comfy Bookshop to sign and sell copies of ‘Wulfsuna’, along with my trusted Saxon warrior ‘Wulfgar of Mercia’! The Big Comfy Bookshop is nestled amid a plethora of unique boutiques in FarGo creative village on Far Gosford Street, Coventry.…

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