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I am a long-time reader of historicals and mythopoeic literature. While I worked as a tech writer, I buried myself in literature from periods that interest me and in long historicals like Dorothy Dunnet’s. I am now writing the Accidental Heretics series under the pen name E. A. Stewart, focusing on the mini cultural Renaissance of the 13th Century in the Languedoc and the crusade that destroyed it.

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What’s an untainted word for ‘head strong’?

What similar adjective is appropriate in a medieval context? Determined? That implies a goal. Resolute? That implies a commitment. Indomitable? That’s about successfully resisting domination. “Willful” seems to be about refusing discipline. “Head strong” seems to have drifted to being used to describe young women or girls. To me, there’s a…

Crossing La Mancha

In the upcoming Crux Lunata, Book 3 of the Accidental Heretics series, each chapter is a place in the journey across Spain during the Reconquista efforts of 1212. So I’ve spent all week crossing La Mancha with 200 men, including: Hideous travel conditions A raid by false “saracens” Quarterstaff battles…

Nothing like a good machine translation

… to spice up the day. Here’s a clip from a True|False debunking of Middle Age myths on the Musée de Cluny website.

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