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I am a long-time reader of historicals and mythopoeic literature. While I worked as a tech writer, I buried myself in literature from periods that interest me and in long historicals like Dorothy Dunnet’s. I am now writing the Accidental Heretics series under the pen name E. A. Stewart, focusing on the mini cultural Renaissance of the 13th Century in the Languedoc and the crusade that destroyed it.

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Let’s start with this blog post (and the discussion thread that follows the post): But, but, but — WHY does magic have to make sense?

Time and Seasons

Time in Medieval Historicals: Ecclesiastical and Lunar Calendars The first two books of the Accidental Heretics series take place in 1210. This creates a host of challenges for addressing time and date tracking issues. This post considers calendar issues and resources for writing historical fiction. Adoption of the Gregorian calendar…

Research and Resources

Textual vs Wikipedia Research The links here for quick info frequently go to Wikipedia, for simplicity and to ensureĀ stable linksĀ long-term. However, research for Accidental Heretics relied on a host of academic and popular history texts. First, to have the most fun and learn a lot quickly, see Hugh Nicklin’s The…

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