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Dorothy Johnston is an Australian novelist, short story writer and reviewer, with eight published novels to date. She is relatively new to historical fiction, and keen to develop her understanding and appreciation.

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The Other Side of the World

My review of Stephanie Bishop’s second novel, The Other Side of the World  was published in the Fairfax newspapers this weekend. Bishop was named one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Australian Novelists for her first novel The Singing. This second one – and the other side of the…

I know it’s only genre fiction but I like it

I do admire the versatility of authors who straddle different modes of writing which, taken at face value, might seem to clash with one another. And I admire particularly, since this is my own weakness – strength? – those who produce both literary and crime fiction. Some, like George Johnston,…

Crow Mellow by Julian Davies and Phil Day

My review of Crow Mellow was published in the Fairfax Press today. The back cover blurb consists of two sentences. ‘This book is a novel. It has drawings on every page.’ While only the name of the writer, Julian Davies, appears on the front cover, Phil Day’s drawings are an essential…

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