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Dianne Ascroft is a Canadian who particularly enjoys historical fiction set in Ireland and Scotland. She lives in rural Northern Ireland with her husband and several strong willed pets.

Her first novel, Hitler and Mars Bars, explores Operation Shamrock, a little known incident in Irish history. She co-edits The Fermanagh Miscellany and also contributed to the local history, The Brookeborough Story, and the fiction collections Foreign Flavours and Tuesdays at Charlie’s. Her articles and short stories have been printed in Canadian and Irish magazines and newspapers.

Dianne is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Fermanagh Authors’ Association and the Fermanagh Writers. She is the contact person for the HNS Irish branch.

From my website

Sorrow Lake, My Kind Of Crime Novel

A couple years ago I reviewed Michael McCann’s crime novel, The Rainy Day Killer. When reading crime fiction, I gravitate toward cosy mysteries so it was not what I was used to. It is much darker. So, when I began reading his most recent novel, Sorrow Lake, I steeled myself,…

Bitter Bronx: Charyn’s World

During the past four or five years, I have read several historical novels and a crime novel by Jerome Charyn. Bitter Bronx is my first foray into his short stories. This is how the publisher describes the short story collection: “Brooklyn is dead. Long live the Bronx! In Bitter Bronx,…

Stepping Into Eighteenth Century America

Today we are stepping into the American past. I have invited Allen Woods to visit Ascroft, eh? to answer a few questions about The Sword and Scabbard, the first novel in his series set in eighteenth century America. Welcome, Allen. Let’s get started, shall we? Tell us about your novel.…

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