Dianna Rostad

About me

Dianna has spent eight years researching and writing a novel about Lord Byron’s celebrity meltdown. A 19th century poet, revolutionary, and rock star in his own time, Byron was wickedly funny and sometimes plain wicked but in his soul a very compassionate and complicated young man. The Craving Void by Lord Byron is a novelized memoir of Byron’s life written and inspired by the memoirs of Keith Richards and Billy Idol.

Dianna is currently working on an orphan train western set in Montana. It’s about a ruffian orphan living on the streets of 1925 New York, who lies about his age to ride the orphan train out west and become a cowboy, ultimately finding the place where he belongs. The soul of this book is about how people left the farms and ranches for the easy life in the city. A migration from soil to cement, excepting those tena

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