Diane M. Denton

About me

My first published novel, A House Near Luccoli, All Things That Matter Press, imagines an intimacy with the 17th Century composer Alessandro Stradella. I also write poetry, short stories and essays, some of which I feature on my blog. I was born and raised in the Buffalo, New York area. At the age of twenty (many years ago) I realized a dream by traveling to England for a semester of study where I impetuously stayed for sixteen years, living a life right off the pages of Fielding, the Brontes, Austin, Hardy, DH Lawrence and even Dickens. My writing life began as a child, shy and uncertain and a little lost in the stories that came to me. I now live in a rural area of Western New York, enjoying the moments with my mother and cats, working as an administrative professional, and otherwise—when not gardening or feeding the birds or shoveling snow or pretending to be a good housekeeper—writing, painting and writing some more!

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