Diane M. Denton

About me

A native of Buffalo, New York, my third novel, “Without the Veil Between, Anne Brontë: A Fine and Subtle Spirit”, was released in November 2017. It follows the last seven years in the life of the youngest sister of Charlotte and Emily. Also published with All Things That Matter Press are my novels “A House Near Luccoli”, which imagines an intimacy in Genoa with the 17th Century composer Alessandro Stradella, and its sequel, “To A Strange Somewhere Fled”, which takes the story to Restoration England. I also write poetry, short stories and essays, and am an artist who has done the covers for my own and others’ books, as well as interior illustrations. At the age of 20 (many, many years ago), I realized a dream by traveling to England for a semester of study, impetuously staying there for 16 years. I now live in a rural area of Western New York, enjoying the moments with my mother and cats, working as an administrative professional.

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