Diana Jackson

About me

Diana Jackson had her first novel ‘Riduna’ published in May 2009 by Pegasus Elliot Mc Kenzie. It was launched as an e book worldwide in July 2012 at the same time as the sequel to Riduna, Ancasta ~ Guide me Swiftly Home was released as a paperback. Both have now been self published under her own imprint Eventispress.
Diana is motivated by her passion for social history, allowing her research to guide the lives of her characters, who become as real to her as her own life. The Riduna Series will span from the mid Victorian age through to the early 1930’s, each book unravelling like a costume drama.
Up until summer 2013 Diana taught English and Business Studies part time to 16 to 19yr old students but she hopes now to focus on her writing!
She has also compiled and published a memoir of an elderly 103yr old gent in 2013 and hopes to release a murder mystery with a difference later this year. Relaxation for Diana is gardening, often eating the produce of her labours.

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