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I am a fledgling writer with a primary interest in writing historical fiction. It’s what I also love to read the most. I’m mainly interested in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the Reniassance, and the late 1800s/early 1900s. I’m hard at work doing research for a book set in medieval Wales so any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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Weekly Musing: How Not to Spam Your Friends a Guest Post by M.K. Williams

This week’s Weekly Musing comes courtesy of my first ever guest poster! Through the website blogtour.org, author M.K. Williams and I started a dialogue about posting on my blog. Her debut novel, Nailbiters, a dystopian sci-fi thriller, is out now. You can find her on Facebook, Goodreads, and her website.…

Weekly Musing: Pet Peeves

Once again I take the writer’s hat off and don my reader’s cap. In a similar vein to last week’s post this week I’d like to discuss my pet peeves as a reader. Throughout my life these things have bugged me and I’ve just now been able to capture into…

Weekly Musing: Reader Responsibility

I view reading as a two-way street between author and reader. A writer’s first job is to be a storyteller and the primary function of a storyteller is to come up with a tale which a reader will enjoy. I’m may be a writer, but I was first a reader…

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