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I am a fledgling writer with a primary interest in writing historical fiction. It’s what I also love to read the most. I’m mainly interested in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the Reniassance, and the late 1800s/early 1900s. I’m hard at work doing research for a book set in medieval Wales so any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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Weekly Musing: Schillin’ for the Holidays

Ahhh, yes Black Friday is in a few days in case you weren’t beaten over the head with that fact whilst watching TV, looking at anything on the internet, or perusing something in print. Apparently if you want a new car, this whole month is Black Friday so instead of…

Weekly Musing: Look at This

I’m not sure how many people know what an infographic is yet I’m sure we’ve all seen them somewhere on the internet. Infographics are those images which present bite-size pieces of information on a variety of topics. Usually the images look like that would make a great poster and many…

Weekly Musing: End Game

Something I have thought a lot about this year is what is the ultimate writing end game? I’m not necessarily referring to my personal goals and fantastical dreams but what ultimate purpose does a story serve? Whom am I supposed to be writing for? The genesis for these questions has…

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