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I am a fledgling writer with a primary interest in writing historical fiction. It’s what I also love to read the most. I’m mainly interested in the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England, the Reniassance, and the late 1800s/early 1900s. I’m hard at work doing research for a book set in medieval Wales so any help with that would be greatly appreciated.

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Weekly Musing: Madness and the Written Word – Part Two

Note: Part One can be read here. Last week I explored the topic of writers, mental illness, and creativity. This week I relay my own personal experiences with mental illness and creativity. I have gone through several periods of depression and have General Anxiety Disorder. I’ve been in therapy on…

Weekly Musing: Madness and the Written Word – Part One

Note: This is part one of two posts regarding mental illness, creativity, and writers. Part one discusses what research has to say on the subject. Part two will relate my own personal experiences.  When people hear the word writer most immediately think of a tortured, mad, insane, person who toils…

Weekly Musing: Date Much?

One of the more puzzling pieces of advice given to writers, especially new ones, is to discourage the use of details which could “date” a piece. What this means are references to TV shows, movies, songs, people, books, dances, etc. anything which is considered a cultural reference. The reasoning is…

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