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I currently am writing my first novel, the story of a German Jew who departs for the Caribbean at the dawn of the Third Reich only to find he is unable to escape his identity and history.

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The Company of One

I wonder, sometimes, if our children ever will appreciate how lucky they are to grow up in an age when it’s easier than ever to find your tribe. As a young girl, it was almost impossible for me to indulge my passion for all things geeky. Comic-Con was in its…

Dinners with Darth (or The Dark Side of Novel Writing)

For Christmas my son received a 1,000-piece Star Wars puzzle. Being a total Star Wars geek, I enthusiastically volunteered to help him put it together. We began in hyperdrive, assembling the border and Darth Vader’s white-hot light saber in just a few hours. Darth’s helmet and armor emerged during the…

How Much History is Too Much?

There probably are few things as important to a novelist as his or her beta readers. Those are some of the first people to whom we entrust our precious words and fragile egos. They are the ones who hold our hands as we emerge from the deep caverns of the…

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