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Ever since seeing the movie Camelot in the mid-70s, Debra A. Kemp has wanted to write her own version of the Arthurian legends. She could hardly disobey when King Arthur himself commanded: “Don’t let it be forgot…” The idea of her main character was conceived that very night. She just wishes she could remember the specific date of that important moment in her life.

Before Debra took up her fountain pen to write however, she earned a nursing degree from Indiana University, married and raised two children. Originally from Highland, Indiana, Debra’s husband’s career in the United States Air Force sent the family to Louisiana, England, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and the Black Hills of South Dakota. While in England, Debra felt a special connection with the land and especially a few sites that play key roles in her novels and stories.

She currently lives near Indianapolis, IN.

From my website

Today is my character's birthday! May Day.

Yes, this is Gwen singing and Lin has issues with her mother.  But this is the movie that helped me conceive of Lin in the first place.  So there!  Now talk to me Lin and tell me more of your story, please?

March --Women's History Month

March is not just about brackets and hoops and madness.  Yes, I am caught up in that.  Go Hoosiers.  But all that aside, it is also Women's History month.  How better to celebrate than with an historical and feminist novel about a very strong woman struggling against oppresion and slavery?So,…

FIREBRAND's 10th Anniversary Celebration

October 2012 sees the tenth anniversary of FIREBRAND's publication! My, how time has flown.  Lots has happened in the course of those ten years.  My granddaughter was about six months old then and she and I were the first people to see the wonderful cover art Trace Edward Zaber did…

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