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Formerly a resident of Cape Cod the background of her historical novels, Deborah Hill is currently learning how to blog so that discussions of her novels may be had with readers who enjoy American history.

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How the Father Shaped the Son started out to be pretty boring. It wasn’t illustrated because I didn’t know what kinds of illustration would be useful or enjoyable. Initially the content came from Wikipedia, which is not the source of all my historical research, but is the easiest to reproduce.…

The Diversions of Boston

When I set out to write historical novels set in colonial Boston, I found myself often diverted by discoveries of the old city that lie beneath the present one. Take for example, the old State House.  All you’ll see in the background here are Boston’s skyscrapers. There it is, right…

Introduction to Strictly History

History is the North Star, guiding my novels in the direction they must go. Everything else fits in around it, and I’ve found that by faithfully following what is known, fictional situations simply sprout like spring seeds in the garden. Take this serene painting, for example. It is dated June,…

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