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Deborah (Debs) lives in Jersey and has written two historical romances, one of which, Broken Faces, was runner up in the Good Housekeeping Novel Competition, as well as receiving a ‘special commendation’ in the Harry Bowling Prize. Broken Faces was published on 15 December 2015 by Green Shutter Books. She writes a contemporary romance series for Accent Press as Georgina Troy and psychological thrillers (as yet unpublished) as Ella Drummond. Deborah is also a contributor for, the online review site.

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Being Anne’s Books of the Year 2016 (Broken Faces)

Some days you wake up to incredible news and a couple of days ago I woke to find that I was tagged in an author friend’s Facebook post and discovered that my book,  Broken Faces, had been chosen, as well as hers – she’s Nell Peters and her brilliant book is…

Chatting Over At Chill With A Book Site

A few weeks ago I you may remember how delighted I was to discover that Broken Faces had received a Chill with a Book Award! Today, I’m over at the site chatting about my story behind the book. Here’s the link to the Chill with a Book post.


Mostly Jersey is known as a holiday island, but many people also travel here to visit historical monuments littering this small island. Having spent years researching the Great War in Broken Faces and the Second World War (for a sequel I’ve written but am uncertain about publishing), I’ve become fascinated…

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