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Debbie Carter is a literary agent seeking book manuscripts w/ merit for adults, teens & children. See for interests & query guidelines.

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How I tackle BookExpo

Photo credit: Sandrine Sahakians at BookEquals.comThere's something for writers and readers of all kinds of books at BookExpo, but what excites me the most is seeing new books that will be for sale months from now. At the Adult Editors' Buzz Panel, editors who rarely appear in public will pitch…

The agent's side of pitching: #ASJANY18

I'm in a hotel ballroom with forty or so literary agents and editors for book publishers, magazines and websites. We sit at numbered cafe tables draped in tablecloths with oversized name cards that can be read without reading glasses.The agencies and companies are impressive. It's a competition for us as…

American Society of Journalists & Authors, Client Connections pitch sessions May 18, 2018

The appeal of ASJA writers is their knowledge of what's happening now in their areas of expertise. They keep up with the news. As with any topic, they've done the relevant background reading; sometimes the question of why something is happening now can be informed by the past. But author/journalists…

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