Debbie A. McClure

About me

Canadian author of paranormal romance/murder mysteries, In The Spirit Of Love, and sequel, In The Spirit Of Forgiveness (Echelon Press, 2012/14), Debbie A. McClure’s exciting new project, now in the querying stage, is a bold step into the historical fiction genre. The King’s Consort–The Louise Rasmussen Story is set in Denmark during the mid-1800s, and tells the story of a woman who became a noted ballerina with the Royal Danish Ballet. Falling in love with her ex-lover’s best friend, Crown Prince Frederik VII, should have made her life easier, but theirs is not an easy path. Despite severe opposition to their union, civil unrest, and outright hostility from the nobles, Frederik and Louise marry soon after he is crowned king. Together the two strive to affect real political change while seeking personal happiness in a world that refuses to bend. This is a story of love, triumph, and the importance of following the heart.

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