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David Potter developed a love for American history as a boy growing up near Morristown, New Jersey, where George Washington spent the winters of 1777 and 1779. He was inspired to write The Left Behinds while taking his children to the annual Christmas reenactment of Washington’s Crossing the Delaware.

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Appearing Everywhere January 12, 2016!

Very happy to announce Book#2 in The Left Behinds series: “Abe Lincoln And The Selfie That Saved The Union!”  Available for preorder here.  Check out great cover art by CF Payne:  

Princeton Children’s Book Festival

Super excited to be attending the Princeton Children’s Book Festival on Saturday, September 19.  Stop by and say hello!  

Taxes, The Tea Party, and The Whiskey Rebellion: Part Two

So: the excise tax is duly passed in 1791, in exact accordance with the rules laid down in the brand-spanking new US Constitution.  As each state has elected representatives in both houses of Congress, no one can claim that there was taxation without representation.  End of story, right? Wrong. Perhaps…

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