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I run a website that specialises in naval and nautical fiction set during the Age of Sail historicnavalfiction.com
The site also includes listings for non-fiction works and more modern nautical fiction

From my website

Raid on Port Royal (K)

Perry Comer recently released the next installment of the Donland series, Raid on Port Royal: Donland and The Hornet. It is available worldwide for Kindle download. Three sloops does not a squadron make nor a commodore. Sailing from English Harbor, Donland is in command of the sloops Hornet, Stinger and Jacket.…

The Scent of Corruption (K)

For his latest book Alaric Bond has returned to his popular Fighting Sail series. The Scent of Corruption is now available in ebook formats and will be released in paperback shortly. Summer 1803: The uneasy peace with France is over, and Britain has once more been plunged into the turmoil of…

Medieval Maritime Warfare (HC/K)

Charles D. Stanton has a new book available for pre-order in Hardcover and for kindle download, Medieval Maritime Warfare. It will be released worldwide on 30 June 2015. Following the fall of Rome, the sea is increasingly the stage upon which the human struggle of western civilization is played out.…

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