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I run a website that specialises in naval and nautical fiction set during the Age of Sail historicnavalfiction.com
The site also includes listings for non-fiction works and more modern nautical fiction

From my website

Active's Measure (PB/K)

John Danielski has just released the first book in a proposed new series about the Royal Marines, Active's Measure. It is now available in paperback and for kindle download worldwide. The Royal Navy of Great Britain is all that stands between Napoleon and absolute domination of Europe. Royal Marine Captain…

The Perils of Command (HC/K)

Author David Donachie's new novel, The Perils of Command, will be released in hardcover and for kindle download in the UK on 19 November 2015. It will be released in the US on 19 January 2016. John Pearce, having negotiated the highly questionable sale of the two French prizes taken…

Sword of State: The Wielding (K)

The final book in Richard Woodmans new Sword of State Trilogy, Sword of State: The Wielding, was recently released and is now available for kindle download worldwide. There is also a new omnibus version available, Sword of State: The Remarkable Story of George Monck. The year is 1659. Lord General George…

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