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David Carthage is the author of THE JERICHO RIVER: A MAGICAL NOVEL ABOUT THE HISTORY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION–to be published in the fall of 2012 by Winifred Press. He’s an avid reader of both history and historical fiction. David earned a B.A. in history from U.C. Berkeley, then went on to earn law degrees from Cambridge University (Queens’ College) and Harvard Law School. He lives in Northern California with his wife and two sons.

In addition to his history-related writing, David wrote the American Bar Association’s bestselling handbook on technology contracts.

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Teaching History: This is How to Grab Your Students

A little while ago, I wrote an op-ed for History News Network — on how to make history interesting. It’s particularly valuable for anyone teaching history. To read the article, please click here or on William the Conqueror below …   The post Teaching History: This is How to Grab Your Students…

Speaks Yoda Olde English?

Says Yoda things like: “Powerful have you become; the dark side I sense in you.” Sounds it like speaks he English from the olden days — Shakespeare’s English, maybe. Yet uses not Yoda “thou hast” or “erstwhile” or “thee” — or any other term found no longer in English. Old…

The Magic of History – See the Video

A little while ago, I spoke at a TEDx conference — to an audience of smart, motivated high school students. My topic was the magic of history. I told the students many of my favorite short stories from past times. I wanted to reveal history’s endless well of fun, excitement,…

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