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Dave McCall writes historical fiction under the pen name David Ebsworth. His first novel, The Jacobites’ Apprentice, is published by SilverWood Books.

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The War Route of Northern Spain

It’s one of the strangely true but little-known aspects of the Spanish Civil War that, in July 1938, with the conflict still very much in the balance, the fascist General Franco was so sure of winning that he opened up the territory he had conquered in northern Spain for tours…

Telford and Desert Island Discs

SPOILER ALERT: DO NOT READ THIS PAGE UNLESS YOU HAVE FIRST READ THE ASSASSIN’S MARK Some time ago, the reviewer Tori Turner asked me to write a “character interview” for her literary blog, Lily Loves Indie, and the result was this (fictitious) transcript of Jack Telford’s appearance on Desert Island…

Waterloo – The Battlefields Route

I always check out the locations for all of my novels and have never yet failed to make positive changes to the text as a result. So, early in September 2014, I drove to France and Belgium with Ann so that we could travel the routes followed by Marianne Tambour…

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