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Dave McCall writes historical fiction under the pen name David Ebsworth. His first novel, The Jacobites’ Apprentice, is published by SilverWood Books.

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Well, it’s time to reveal the preferred cover design for┬áThe Song-Sayer’s Lament, David Ebsworth’s fifth novel, this one set in 6th Century Britain. Here’s the cover…     And here’s the synopsis… In the Westerlands of those isles once named Britannia by the Empire and its vanished Legions, the brother…

Suppose a part of Ancient Rome survived?

In 409 AD the Romano-Britons expelled Roman magistrates from their cities. And the next year, the western Roman Emperor Honorius advised the British communities to look to their own defences. Not the best of emperors, Honorius himself was contained in Ravenna by the Visigoths and unable to prevent their Sack…

What did the Georgians ever do for us? Ten things we may owe them.

  Coffee houses Hogarth’s 18th Century Coffee House Coffee houses had existed in Oxford and London since the middle of the 17th Century, but they really flourished in the Georgian era, spreading also to other provincial cities. The price of entrance was generally one penny and this would also purchase…

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