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Darlene is a Canadian book blogger who reviews at Peeking Between the Pages and has an ever growing love of historical fiction whether it be political, mystery, religious, and most definitely anything to do with the royals.

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It Happens all the Time by Amy Hatvany (Audiobook)

I love the writing of Amy Hatvany. Her books never fail to leave me feeling extremely emotional and It Happens All the Time was no different. Amber and Tyler have been friends since they were teenagers – best friends. They’ve always been there for each other through the good and…

The Lost Girls by Heather Young (Audiobook)

The Lost Girls is the debut novel from author Heather Young and a very good one. This is a story of long buried family secrets and one women’s wish to have the mystery of what happened the fateful day her little sister disappeared come to light. In 1935 Emily vanishes…

The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner (Audiobook)

Kyra Winthrop had a diving accident that left her with little memory of anything. She experiences flashes of memories but nothing significant. Tucked away on a small island her life now consists of a few friends and her loving husband Jacob. Kyra begins having dreams or visions. She’s not sure…

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