Darlene Elizabeth Williams

About me

I am a historical fiction and nonfiction author, copy editor and proofreader.

My historical fiction work-in-progress is based loosely on the life of a close friend, who is 105-years-old. Emilie believes she is an ordinary woman, but her life illustrates her extraordinary courage and adventures.

I am a copy editor and proofreader, with a focus on independent historical fiction authors.

I am the author of “Freelance Writing Express – How to Earn $$$ Within Two Weeks”, a comprehensive guide to a freelance writing career.

I like my historical fiction intelligent, well-researched and engagingly written.

I expect the same standards of myself in my writing, copy editing and proofreading.

I am an avid reader of fiction fiction. My Pinterest board entitled “Historical Novels Worth Reading” lists only 4* or higher novels.

From my website

Measure Your Self-Worth By Your Standards – Not Others

It is one of the greatest challenges we humans face: how not to compare our self-worth compared to what we believe others possess. It is pervasive in all areas of our lives. We need to remind ourselves constantly this is a self-defeatist attitude. Here’s your reminder.

Catching Up on Life – New Book and Upcoming Events

A quick update on life during the last year while I was technically challenged in accessing my blog. The big news? I published my first nonfiction book, Freelance Writing Express – How to Earn $$$ Within Two Weeks. This book is the result of my experiences as a freelance writer…

Guest Post – Tips to Reduce Your Editor’s Fees

Karen R. Sanderson was kind enough to guest host me on her blog to share tips on reducing editing costs. Curious? Click here.

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