Daniel A. Willis

About me

After 20 years of writing non-fiction about Europe’s Royal Families, I entered the world of historical fiction with my first novel, “Immortal Betrayal” in 2012. The second book of that trilogy, “Immortal Duplicity” came out in 2013.

I live in Denver.

From my website

Immortal Revelation back on track!

Keeping to my Thanksgiving Resolution to blog more often hasn't worked out so well. Sorry about that, but then I have not really had much to say since then. I have been far more focused these past several months on getting Bygone Era Books running smoothly. That has been a…

Thanksgiving Resolution

Everyone knows New Years Resolutions don't stick, so I never make any. But maybe I'll have better luck with a Thanksgiving one: to blog a little more often. Actually, I needed to take a break and this seemed like something productive.   I am up to my hips in civil…

A Writing Update

I haven't really been blogging because I haven't been writing these past few months. My attention is being consumed by my publishing company: Bygone Era Books, Ltd. I am happy to report that is turning into a success story. Now, I am looking forward to next April, when I will…

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