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After 20 years of writing non-fiction about Europe’s Royal Families, I entered the world of historical fiction with my first novel, “Immortal Betrayal” in 2012. The second book of that trilogy, “Immortal Duplicity” came out in 2013.

I live in Denver.

From my website

The Ethics of Time Travel, etc.

While my fiction writing covers several genres, it all has one thing in common: history. Some of it is alternate history, some is speculative history, and sometimes I imagine time travel.Anyone who has watched this season of the TV show,The Flash, is familiar with the ethical question: "If I could change history,…

2017 is off to a frustrating start!

One of the annoyances that comes with publishing an annually updated book, is there is always something that happens just after the book has gone to print that changes what is on the inside. This year was no different. My 2017 Reporter's Guide to the Royal Families came out today, only…

Oldest Monarchy Is Finally Facing Current Times

While Asian royalty is outside my normal bailiwick, I cannot let such a momentous occasion go by without comment.Japan's laws do not allow for the Emperor to abdicate, thus one never has in its 2600+ year history. That might very well change in 2017. A few months ago, Emperor Akihito, who is…

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