Daniel A. Willis

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After 20 years of writing non-fiction about Europe’s Royal Families, I entered the world of historical fiction with my first novel, “Immortal Betrayal” in 2012. The second book of that trilogy, “Immortal Duplicity” came out in 2013.

I live in Denver.

From my website

First Book Review for "Prophecy"!!

The first book review for Prophecy of the Awakening has been published! It is from Midwest Book Review and is very positive. Link to Review (do a "find" on my name, it's a long page)The book is being released on September 19th.I have been promoting it heavily to bookstores so far.…

"Prophecy of the Awakening" likely coming out in September

Well, so far, I've not been successful getting a big publisher to take on Prophecy of the Awakening, my urban fantasy involving the return of the Greek gods in the modern era. I have still one query outstanding that I expect a response to one way or the other, so hope…

The Time Has Come! Dusting Off Immortal Revelation

My first novel, Immortal Betrayal, came out in 2011, with the sequel, Immortal Duplicity, coming 2 years later. I started in book 3 of the trilogy shortly after Book 2, but my Immortal muse apparently went on an extended holiday. She has finally shown up again and I have dusted off book 3, Immortal…

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