Cynthia Vallar

About me

A retired librarian, Cindy Vallar is a freelance editor and the former Associate Editor of Industry for Solander. Her column “The Red Pencil,” which appears in the May and November issues of Historical Novels Review, compares a selection from an author’s published historical novel with an early draft of that work. Cindy, who received the first Friend of Clan Cameron Award in 2005, has written The Scottish Thistle, Odin’s Stone, and Rumble the Dragon. She is also the Editor of Pirates and Privateers, an online publication about the history of maritime piracy. Cindy presents workshops, both online and in person, for writers who want to bring more realism and historical accuracy to their novels. She is a member of HNS, The Laffite Society, National Maritime Historical Society, Louisiana Historical Society, Clan Cameron Association of North America, the Scottish Clans of North Texas, EPIC, US Naval Institute, and Maryland Assoc. of School Librarians.

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