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I am an avid reader/reviewer of Historical Fiction. I do not remember a time in my life when I was not. Actually, I should probably admit that I have a serious problem and check into HistFic Rehab. But I won’t.

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My interview!

Hey, all!Below is the link to read my interview with Kayla Posney at the Pittsburgh Historical Fiction Examiner.This interview was thought-provoking and great fun!Check it out!

Call Me Zelda (Erika Robuck)

Let's start playing September catch-up with this great book which was published in May.  Call Me Zelda is the story of Zelda Fitzgerald (not just the wife of Scott!) and her nurse Anna.Brilliant. This book was brilliant. Not only did the author follow the historical details, but she created characters…

Upcoming Reviews (and such!)

Cynthia's Summer Sabbatical is coming to an end!It was a great, lazy Summer and many interesting books were read.Look for new reviews beginning in September!Did I mention that I learned to hula-hoop this Summer?

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