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Refections from (not) a War Zone

There is a problem in North St. Louis County and it has little to do with race, regardless of what you’ve seen on television. In 1970 I began my academic career at Elm Grove School in the Hazelwood School District.  At that time Hazelwood was, and remains, the second largest…

He Always Said He Could Fly

This Sunday would mark my dad's eightieth birthday. I wrote the following to honor him, the singer of songs and teller of tales.My dad was a compulsive story teller. While other kids my age grew up with The Cat in the Hat or Charlotte's Web, I grew up with boys…

What's In A Name? The Washington Redskins Controversy

Last week the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board declared that the Washington Redskins was disparaging to Native Americans. Predictably, much of “white America” didn't understand the issue. What’s in a name? I’ve thought about this a little because not much really gets me riled. I mean, honestly, what’s the…

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