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Clifford Beal, originally from Providence, Rhode Island, worked for 20 years as an international journalist and is the former editor-in-chief of Jane’s Defence Weekly in London. He is the author of Quelch’s Gold (Praeger Books 2007), the true story of a little-known but remarkable early 18th century Anglo-American pirate. But he’s also been scribbling fiction from an early age: his seventh grade English teacher nicknamed him “Edgar Allen” undoubtedly due to the gothic subject matter of his extremely short stories. His debut novel, Gideon’s Angel, was published by Solaris Books in March 2013.

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Comment on 51 Shades of Grey: Has traditional good vs. evil had its day? by amberskyef

The current book I’m working on is definitely a good vs. evil because, let’s face it, evil people exist in our world. They need no justification for being heinous and good vs. evil books reflect that rather well. Sometimes a person is just too heinous to have any shades of…

Comment on Under armed escort: Gideon’s Angel London launch by Robert (Bob) Cordery

Clifford, Sorry that I could not make it to the launch, but I am looking forward to rweading your book when my copy arrives. Judging by the video, it must have been a very interesting event. All the best, Bob

Comment on In London? Come to the launch by Geoffrey Gudgion

Hi Clifford, Great launch, and some very eloquent responses to Jon’s interview questions. I finished Gideon’s Angel on the way home, and closed it with a very satisfied thump. Good read, well done. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you at WFC if not before. Geoff

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