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A small publishing company with several imprints, including children’s, fiction, and nonfiction.

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Our Partnership with EBSCO

Sometimes we take on projects because they have a worth beyond just something entertaining or interesting to read. When Giovanna Capone approached us with the idea for Dispatches from Lesbian America several years ago, we realized the vision Giovanna, Xequina, and Cheela Romain Smith had to record personal histories and…

Stalking Our Books in the Wild

Getting your books into bookstores is kind of a holy grail for authors and publishers. Of course, every book can’t be in every bookstore or else bookstores would be gigantic multi-floored super warehouses. So how do books get into bookstores? The simple answer is, booksellers select them. The catch is,…

June Newsletter

Call for Submissions Indivisible We Stand – Women’s Voices Raised in Protest is an anthology of tales from the front lines of the ongoing battle for equal rights for all women around the world. Raise your voice and send us your story to inspire other women today and in the…

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