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Claire Gebben was born and raised on the southeast side of Cleveland in Moreland Hills, Ohio. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing through the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts on Whidbey Island, Washington. Her stories, articles and essays have appeared in “The Speculative Edge,” “The Fine Line,” and “Shark Reef,” among other publications. In order to write her first historical fiction novel “Harm’s Way” (publication early 2014) she studied the ancient art of blacksmithing and harvested grapes in the vineyard of her ancestors in Germany. She is a writing teacher and Fiction Editor of “Soundings Review” literary magazine. Ms. Gebben is married, has two adult children, and lives on Mercer Island, Washington.

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Leap into the unknown

It’s both exciting, and nerve-wracking, to head out on an exploration without a plan. But I’ve found in the Highlands, and for that matter in book research in general, planning for the unplanned is an excellent way to go. While traveling in the Highlands, experience has taught me the true…

Cullen Skink, outlandish figures, and other tales

Today I traveled hither and yon on the byways of Strathnairn. Topographically, I decided “strath” must mean river valley or something, because the terrain stretched along the River Nairn. Sure enough, it does: A strath is a large valley, typically a river valley that is wide and shallow (as opposed to a…

18th-century fisherfolk

I’m continually impressed by the diversity of characters living in the Highlands of Scotland in the 18th century. Yesterday, I came across a resource at the Inverness Library, a terrific summary of The Old Statistical Accounts. These accounts were sent to Sir John Sinclair in response to a lengthy questionnaire…

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