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Christopher M. Cevasco is an author whose historically themed fiction has appeared in BLACK STATIC, NIGHTMARE MAGAZINE, and the Prime Books anthologies SHADES OF BLUE AND GRAY: GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL WAR and ZOMBIES: SHAMBLING THROUGH THE AGES, among many other magazines and anthologies. One of his stories was short-listed for the Historical Novel Society’s HNSOxford16 Short Story Award and another was long-listed for the HNSLondon14 Short Story Award. From 2003 through 2009, he was the editor/publisher of the award-winning PARADOX: THE MAGAZINE OF HISTORICAL AND SPECULATIVE FICTION. Chris is seeking representation for a recently completed novel of murder and political intrigue in Viking-ravaged England as well as for both a psychological thriller about Lady Godiva and a novel of English resistance and rebellion in the years immediately following the Norman Conquest.

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Writing Process: A Blog Hop

I was recently invited by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt, author of Syncopation: A Memoir of Adele Hugo and The Stolen Golden Violin, to participate in a blog hop requiring me to answer four questions about my writing process. Syncopation is the fictional autobiography of the youngest of Victor Hugo’s children, and…

Skara Brae

Dwellings at Skara Brae, a Neolithic settlement on Mainland, Orkney, older than both Stonehenge and the Pyramids at Giza. Photo by Christopher M. Cevasco.

And did those feet in ancient timeā€¦

Megalosaurus has the distinction of being the first dinosaur ever mentioned in popular media. It appeared in the opening lines of Charles Dickens’s 1852 novel Bleak House (the photo of Dickens at left dates from the year the novel was published). Megalosaurus bones were first discovered in 1677 in England,…

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