Christina Britton Conroy

About me

Endeavor Press, UK has published my historical novel series, HIS MAJESTY’S THEATRE. The four books, NOT FROM THE STARS, BUT FROM THINE EYES, TRUTH AND BEAUTY, and BEAUTY’S DOOM tell the story of a London theatre company from 1887 – 1904. A gay actor-manager escapes arrest by pretending to marry his leading lady and father her illegitimate child. Together, they harbor a country heiress escaping a forced marriage.

My first published novel, ONE MAN’S MUSIC, is set during the Vietnam era. It is a poignantly sexy story about NYC musicians. I recently recorded it as an audiobook, available at

My nonfiction eldercare guide, I WANT TO GO TO LITHUANIA or HOW TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR AGING PARENTS, was published by Black Lyon Publishing in April 2017.

Also a screenwriter, my treatment of a Chinese Cultural Revolution story was produced in Hong Kong.

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