Chiara Prezzavento

About me

I’m a published historical novelist and playwright in Italy, and a reviewer for HNR – as well as an avid reader. Now I’m trying my hand at historical fiction and theatre in English.

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Infinite riches in a little room

It has always seemed to me that, while the first part of Tamburlaine the Great is all black and white …Continue reading →

Tales of the Mermaid Tavern

Alfred Noyes wrote a good deal, and in many genres. A poet, novelist, sci-fictioneer, essayist and pamphleteer, he was especially …Continue reading →

Whistle, o whistle…

So they are excavating the Curtain, Burbage’s “other” Shoreditch playhouse, where the Chamberlain’s Men played for a couple of years …Continue reading →

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