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writer * historian * bookseller

Catherine Lawrence fell in love with eighteenth-century British soldiers during childhood visits to Colonial Williamsburg. A predisposition for defying popular opinion may explain her admiration for historical villains. Or perhaps it was just their dashing red coats and well-polished boots.

She studied Art History and English at Harvard and earned graduate degrees in History from Yale.

After teaching in the humanities at a Pennsylvania college for several years, she left academia for the book- and coffee-trade. In 2001 she co-founded the Midtown Scholar, now one of the East coast’s largest independent bookstores.

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Accolades for “The Duel” or “Miss Stewart’s Seduction” “Gorgeous writing, absolutely un-put-downable” – contest judge /senior editor “In-depth historical knowledge at a detailed level, a knack for twining that detail into the story, and an ability to create characters true to their day.” – New York Times bestselling author “I…

The Duel

Cambridge, England. March 1733. Revenge required precision. Good thing he’d drunk only two bottles of Lord Oxford’s claret last night. ‘Twas fine, indeed, leaving barely a headache this too-early morning. Stomping in his boots, Thomas Caldwell lit a taper and huffed in the cold air. God’s blood! His breath could…

The Surprising Governess

Our hero, Tom, is spying on an earl’s rooms at a Cambridge inn, c.1733. The governess spoke in a delightful Scottish brogue. The rrr’s trilled on her tongue. The familiar lilt made him think of his sisters, made him ache for home. He blinked and forced himself to turn away.…

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