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Cate Campbell is a physician’s daughter, and has worked in more jobs than she can count–as a teacher, an office nurse, a waitress, a nanny, a secretary, a saleswoman, and a singer. Benedict Hall is the culmination of her lifelong fascination with medicine, history, Seattle, and the stunning cultural and social changes that marked the decade of the 1920s.

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The Tightrope of Self-Promotion

In my dream world, I would be closeted in my study, creating the best fiction I’m capable of; my editor would take it out of my hands and polish it; the art department at my publisher would hire the best available cover artist; and, finally, the publisher would pass my…

The Romance of Beginnings

There’s nothing like that first moment when a writer has a new idea for a story or a novel.  It’s like falling in love, when the object of our infatuation has no faults, no complications, only endless and enchanting possibilities.  Character, setting, plot . . . they all glow with…

Because . . . a bookseller

Don’t you adore a great series of books, stories you know in advance will give you pleasure?  I do.  I always have. As one of my reading friends said, the best sort of book is the one that draws you to go to bed early so you can slip back…

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