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Cassandra Gaisford is an award winning artist and historical novelist of art-related fiction.

In 2008 Cassandra downsized her flourishing business as a life and career coach to write her first historical work of art related fiction. She turned deaf ears to parents and friends who pleaded with her to “get a real job,” and rented out her house and did a succession of freelance and contracting jobs to support “writing days.”

For several years prior she focused on penning contemporary romance novels with an eye on the lucrative Mills and Boon market. But her real passion, her true path with heart, was the seductive, sensual and evocative historical novels she loved to read.

From my website

The Five P’s of Life – Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Passion, and Purpose

The best thing I can tell you? It’s one word. Persistence. ~ James Patterson, author   Knowing when to quit is one thing; knowing when to persevere another. Whether it’s the weight of obstacles you face, the setbacks and the disappointments, the successes others seem to achieve more speedily, or…

Simple, Powerful Ways to Stay Positive

  Having to fight hard has made me a better architect. ~ Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, architect   What’s your default position when things go awry, obstacles challenge your resolve, technology goes belly-up, unforeseen demands on your time derail your plans, or you receive negative feedback? Does your mood darken?…

The Truth Every Perfectionist Should Know

  Perfectionism will keep you poor. ~ Carla Coulson, photographer   “All of us failed to match our dream of perfection. So I rate us on the basis of our splendid failure to do the impossible,” wrote author William Faulkner. “In my opinion, if I could write all my work…

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