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Carrie Callaghan’s short fiction, including stories of the Spanish Civil War, has appeared in Silk Road, The MacGuffin, Weave Magazine, and elsewhere. She is also an editor and contributor with the Washington Independent Review of Books.

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PitchWars bio

What's not to love about a chance to connect with other enthusiastic writers while hoping for a shot at some great feedback? I'm in! Hooray for Pitch Wars. While we all eagerly await the results, here's my (Carrie Callaghan's) little bio:I'm a Washington, DC-area native and I love the weather…

It finally feels like fall is coming! Fall is my favorite season, with its combination of new beginnings (school starting, even if I'm now years out of any regular class schedule) and gentle farewells. To say nothing of bright foliage, pumpkin pie, fresh apples, and the smell of fallen leaves.…

Quick update

I've been spending a lot of time on other projects and so haven't blogged much. I'm shifting my book reviewing largely over to the Washington Independent Review of Books, a great site that publishes tremendous content every day of the workweek. It constantly makes me wish I had more time…

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