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I find inspiration in the places, people, culture and history of the Midwest United States. I’ve long been an avid reader of historical fiction. My first step into writing history was my memoir: Growing Up Country: Memories of an Iowa Farm Girl, published in 2008. My first novel to be published in 1914, is set in World War 1-era Iowa.

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From Hate to Reconciliation – The Little Rock Nine

I visited the Little Rock Central High School Historic Site this past week. The courage and bravery of “The Little Rock Nine” – teenagers who dared to face down angry mobs of segregationists – brought tears to my eyes. The hate they faced shamed me. The exhibit held every bit…

Would you speak up? Are you that strong?

The senators who met with President Trump when he used “tough” language by his own account, racist language according to others, faced a character challenge. Speak up or not? The courage to speak. Speaking truth to power is no small thing. As we all know, there may be serious consequences.…

Happy 10th Anniversary – Growing Up Country – Memoir

I turned on the car radio last week and was surprised to hear the announcer introduce me. The Iowa Public Radio interview, which focused on growing up in Iowa, had aired in October. The now-taped interview fit for the holidays. I smiled at the timing since I published my memoir…

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