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Cynthia Miller writing as C. Ripley Miller is an English teacher and writer who read her first historical novel about the biblical Esther in grade school and was hooked. Her just completed first historical novel is set in 5th century Gaul and tells the story of a forbidden love and the battle between Attila the Hun and the Roman general Aetius.

Her writing credits include short fiction: “Placidana” at OrchardPressMysteries.com, “Watercolor” – The Scriptor, and “Stronger” in the anthology Summer Tapestry. She participates in several forums and has reviewed for UNRV Roman Empire. She is also a member of the Barrington Writers’ Workshop and is currently working on the mystery sequel to her first novel. When she is not writing or working on her blog, she is usually reading, cooking, or watching movies. She loves movies.

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The Origin of Valentine’s Day

My Valentine song: I Choose You, Sara Bareilles. For all the Valentine couples in the world. “Let love rule the day.” ORIGINS There are several legends about the origin of Valentine’s Day that go back to ancient Rome. The first connects Valentine’s Day to the feast of Lupercalia on February…

Medicine and Social Bias in the 20th Century

In a recent discussion about whether children should be given immunizations for certain childhood diseases, I started to think about early modern medicine and its practices in the Western world.  While looking into it, I came across some interesting observations, opinions and facts particular to women from the book, Medicine:…

Military Fashion: Battle Garb and Civilian Attire

Song post: Sheppard, Bombs Away Camouflage is an attempt to blend in order to hide or not be seen not unlike a chameleon in its environment.  In today’s fashion world, it can be seen on the streets represented by vintage camo jackets, print tees, leggings and slacks found in major…

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