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I grew up in Southern California and fell in love with writing because my parents wouldn’t let me play with the neighbors. I started college as a creative writing major, but my father told me that he would never pay for a degree in something that wouldn’t earn a paycheck so I became a historian and history teacher (AP U.S. history). I live in Colorado where I spend time with my wife and son, seek representation for my novel THE DOGS OF HELL, research my next novels WAKARUSA and DUTCH, write book reviews for HNS, and work with the amazing US editorial team for HNR.

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Book Review: The Serpent’s Crown by Hana Samek Norton

In this sequel to The Sixth Surrender, young novice Juliana de Charnais finds herself wed to Guerin de Lasalle, the powerful Lord of Partheny and heir to the Lusignan family. When Guerin is called off to Cyprus to help his … Continue reading →

Book Review: Even the Dead–A Quirke Novel by Benjamin Black

Inspector Quirke is back in Benjamin Black’s latest, and he picks up with Quirke recuperating at his adoptive brother and sister-in-law’s home. After Quirke’s assistant asks him to look at what the police are calling an accident, Quirke quickly agrees … Continue reading →

Book Review: The Longest Fight by Emily Bullock

In 1950s London, Jack Munday is trying to find lightning in the bottle that will get him to the top of the boxing world. A former boxer, Jack thinks he has found his man in Frank, a young Irish boy … Continue reading →

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