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I grew up in Southern California and fell in love with writing because my parents wouldn’t let me play with the neighbors. I started college as a creative writing major, but my father told me that he would never pay for a degree in something that wouldn’t earn a paycheck so I became a historian and history teacher (AP U.S. history). I live in Colorado where I spend time with my wife and son, seek representation for my novel THE DOGS OF HELL, research my next novels WAKARUSA and DUTCH, write book reviews for HNS, and work with the amazing US editorial team for HNR.

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Book Review: Curtain of Death by W.E.B. Griffith and William Butterworth

In this 3rd installment of the Clandestine Operation series, James Cronley, the Director of Central Intelligence Europe, has a new problem. One of his WACs—Claudette Colbert, no, not the actress—shoots and kills three would-be kidnappers and wounds a fourth. He … Continue reading →

Book Review: Release Your Inner Roman by Jerry Toner

Struggling with raising your unruly children, getting that raise at work, or finding a balance between happiness and letting luxuries dull your senses? Then follow the advice of Marcus Sidonius Flax (cleverly written by Jerry Toner, The Roman Guide to … Continue reading →

Book Review: The Magdalen Girls by V.S. Alexander

The Sisters of the Holy Redemption. A sweet-sounding place that hides a troubling secret: it is one of the many Magdalen laundries of the Catholic Church, places of abuse, neglect and sadness, all in the name of reforming their charges. … Continue reading →

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