Brien Brown

About me

Brien Brown is a retired History and Geography teacher and school administrator.

The year before retiring, he read The Leatherstocking Tales, becoming extremely interested in Natty Bumppo, as a character. He decided Cooper left a number of unanswered questions about Natty.

For example, the name Bumppo sounds French. How did this man who fought so many battles against the French and had such distaste for them, not know that he was really French? How did he manage to become a bridge between the Native American and European cultures?

The scope of potential answers to these questions inspired Mr. Brown to write a book providing one set of answers. As a result, he is currently working on a two book prequel to the Tales, dealing with Natty’s grandparents and parents, up to the time when Natty went on his first warpath.

He also plans a book about Natty during the American Revolution. There are stories to tell about that too.

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