Bonnie McKernan

About me

Bonnie McKernan is an author of historical fiction that usually (always) wraps around a love story. She was recently voted “Best Up & Coming Author” by Affaire de Coeur magazine, and her debut novel Cliff of the Ruin was awarded the Writer’s Digest Mark of Quality for literary merit.

Bonnie’s love of history started in her teenage years while working as a clerk at her grandfather’s auction house and later at her father’s appraisal company, where every week brought new fine art and antiques (European and Americana) to study and appreciate. Having lived in Africa and Europe, she garnered a unique appreciation of the heritage of other cultures as well. Ireland is one of her favorite places in the world and is the focus of her website’s blog.

She loves novels that not only entertain, but have the ability to convey themes of substance without being preachy. Among her favorite stories are Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Woman in White, and The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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