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Beatriz Williams is a graduate of Stanford University with an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. She is the author of the widely-acclaimed novel OVERSEAS and the upcoming A HUNDRED SUMMERS, both from Putnam. She also writes award-winning historical romance under the pen name Juliana Gray. She lives with her husband and four young children in southwestern Connecticut, where she divides her time between writing and laundry.

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Cocoa Beach, In Stores June 27

A few years ago, while traveling in Florida, I gazed around at that lush, overgrown landscape and I thought, Someone needs to write a grand novel about this place. And it must be set in the Roaring Twenties, when Florida was filling up with playboys and bootleggers, and there must…

Elle Magazine: The Vacationers

Packing history, mystery, romance, danger, intrigue, and adventure, Beatriz Williams’s Cocoa Beach (William Morrow) zigzags between World War I battlefields and the Prohibition-era boomtown of Cocoa Beach, Florida. Download the PDF The post Elle Magazine: The Vacationers appeared first on Beatriz Williams.

Great Summer Reads

“How did Nick Greenwald, the love of socialite Lily Dane’s life, end up married to her former best friend Budgie? A tale of star-crossed passion and intrigue set in 1930s old-money Rhode Island.” People Magazine (Print Edition) The post Great Summer Reads appeared first on Beatriz Williams.

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