Barry Willdorf

About me

Barry was born in New York City and grew up in Massachusetts. He claims to be the first person to have surfed on Cape Ann.

During the Vietnam War, Barry was the founder and chief counsel for the Southern California Military Law Project providing court martial defense to GIs. He co-authored a military legal self-help book: Turning the Regs Around. In 2001, he published a semi-autobiographical novel, Bring the War Home! now a free download on Scribd.

Barry’s historical novel, The Flight of the Sorceress won a Global E-Book Award for best historical literature and was a finalist for a 2012 “best historical novel” award from (EPIC.) His “1970s Trilogy” begins with Burning Questions, about a 1969 homicide. Part two, A Shot In The Arm,set in 1973 San Francisco was just published.

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