Barbara Sjoholm

About me

American author and translator writing fiction and nonfiction, with a particular interest in Scandinavia and the Sami people.
Fossil Island and its sequel The Former World are novels set in 1880s Denmark about the youthful romance between composer Carl Nielsen and the artist and ethnographer Emilie Demant Hatt. Fossil Island was the joint winner of the 2016 Indie novel award from HNS. The University of Wisconsin Press will publish my biography of Demant Hatt in October, 2017: Black Fox, A Life of Emilie Demant Hatt, Artist and Ethnographer. I have also translated Demant Hatt’s wonderful travel book, With the Lapps in the High Mountains (2013, Univ. Wisc. Press) and am working on a collection of her Sami folktales, By the Fire.
I have recently been awarded a fellowship in translation from the National Endowment for the Arts.
My current fiction project is a historical novel set in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska at the turn of the 1900s about a Norwegian sea captain’s wife.

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