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Barbara A. Andrews,a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is an active enthusiast and writer of Historical Fiction set in early America. She creates award-winning fictional stories inspired by historical events blending the real with fiction the lives of men and women who were actually there.

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Never Intended Songs, But Don't They Fit?

     TOP SONGS LOVED BY ROSE'S ROBIN           “What are your favorite songs?”                  “Rhapsody in Blue”                  “Don’t Fence Me In”  (I wish)           As your eggs hatch?                  “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”                  “Three Is Enough”           What is your favorite hymn?                   “This Is My Father’s World”                   “His Eye Is on The Sparrow” (and Me, too!)         These, for sure.                    “Singin’ In the Rain”                    “Blue…

The “Kitchen Window”Robin

 Sometimes you wish something spectacular would happen within close-eye view.   We see bird life at a distance, and that’s usually the end of our viewing. Bird nests and bird families are quite familiar to all of us, aren’t they?  We hardly give them a second thought.  Even a knocked down nest buried in a…


                 Been sittin' all day.  Mama's hungry!Robin's nest outside Rose Nuernberger's WindowDon't worry. Be right back.  Gone just a minute to get a bite to eat!

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