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Barbara A. Andrews,a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is an active enthusiast and writer of Historical Fiction set in early America. She creates award-winning fictional stories inspired by historical events blending the real with fiction the lives of men and women who were actually there.

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What you don't know about carrots

Source:  Organic AuthorityThere's trivia and then there is real trivia.  My exposeon carrots is in the latter category.  Can't think of a soulwho would count this as important information. But anyhow . . .Went to a very good Japanese restaurant the other nightand with my soft shelled crab, came a garnishment…

NORTH SHORE -- LAKE SUPERIOR - Land of blue skies, blue waters, lush green trees, and gray granite

Good times need to be shared. I've got one for you.  I have just spent five days vacationing in Duluth, Minnesota, with two Writer House friends. First of all, in leaving Houston, the whole world changed (may be exaggerating a little bit) but going from our August 100 degree murky hot to a marvelous79…

Round Top Texas Fourth of July

Sometimes we miss what's closeat hand--nearby places we've never been or explored.One of those places for me isRound Top, Texas, a littlecommunity two hours fromwhere I live in Richmond.  Thetown has about 90 permanentresidents centered mostly arounda multitude of antique industries.All the homes are in the vintage of the early…

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