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Barbara A. Andrews,a graduate of the University of Nebraska, is an active enthusiast and writer of Historical Fiction set in early America. She creates award-winning fictional stories inspired by historical events blending the real with fiction the lives of men and women who were actually there.

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                        Many of us are in the throes of the aging process.  The date of our birth hasn't changed nor has some unknown force added years to the calendar that we didn't know about.  It is 2016!Our later years may have been spent as long term caregivers (including me).  We may find…

DIFFERENCES --Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

DIFFERENCESMost individuals seek harmony in their relationships--the things they share that are common between them.  There are essentials of commonality that obviously fall into that category if a relationship is to develop and exist over time.  But Mother Nature did not make individuals alike--there are tall people, there are short…

What you don't know about carrots

Source:  Organic AuthorityThere's trivia and then there is real trivia.  My expose on carrots is in the latter category.  Can't think of a soul who would count this as important information. But anyhow . . .Went to a very good Japanese restaurant the other night and with my soft shelled crab, came a garnishment of a white-something shredded.  Taste…

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