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Audra Friend is a Boston-based book blogger who reviews as Unabridged Chick ( Audra studied anthropology and geography as an undergrad, and she’s most taken with novels that address the stickier side of history, place, and society as well as the roles of women, from royals to riffraff. Professionally, Audra has worked in the non-profit sector for the last ten years and is blessed with coworkers who don’t mind hearing about what she’s currently reading.

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Wordless Wednesday, June 24

Another Wordless Wednesday. Obviously, this is a new, favorite meme -- helpful for when words elude me.I'm racing through Dark Horse, a scifi offering by Michelle Diener. You might recognize Diener's name from this blog -- I've reviewed four of her books but have read something like seven of them…

2015 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

This is one of my favorite reading challenges, mostly because hist fic is among my favorite genres, and until 2014, was a challenge I easily beat. (Thus, I suppose, negating the "challenge" part of it, but whatever.)This year the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge is being hosted at Passages to the…

The Lover’s Path by Kris Waldherr

Title: The Lover’s Path: An Illustrated Novella of VeniceAuthor: Kris WaldherrFirst line: Sixteenth-century Venice was a rich mélange of cultural influences arising from the steady interaction of intellectuals, artists, diplomats, travelers, and merchants.Review: I've been an enormous fan of Waldherr for years, thanks to her tarot decks, and I'd been…

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