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Nine Hundred and Fifty Years Ago

The year was 1066 and Duke William of Normandy was hell bent on taking over the throne promised him by his deceased relative, Edward the Confessor. Since the thegns had crowned, rather quickly, the most influential man in England, Harold Godwineson, William had his work cut out for him.A perfect…

Traveling Medieval Style with THE BRUISED THISTLE

Welcome back to Medieval Monday! We're here with new excerpts to share with you and our first theme is Travel. I'm featuring my debut novel,The Bruised Thistle. I'm sure you remember my highlander, Seumas ;) If you don't know Seumas, you're missing out. Enjoy!Seumas kept a fast pace through the…

#MedievalMonday16 Nature with Rue Allyn

Welcome to the last #MedievalMonday16 for the summer. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from Rue Allyn's latest release,Knight Errant, which I highly recommend you add to your TBR list.ExcerptBy moonlight, Robert and Juliana flee a trap. The environment plays a huge part in the success or failure of their escape.Under…

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