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Teenagers Falling in love with Historical Romance

Happy Medieval Monday! I am beginning to see a pattern with some of these medieval authors, do you? Started as teenage readers. Fell in love with historical romance. Read the best of the best. I have Sherry Ewing visiting today and she follows the same pattern! Enjoy ;)My love for everything Medieval began with…

The Passion of the Period - Judith Sterling

It's Medieval Monday! I love sharing new medieval romance authors with you and today I have Judith Sterling. I think her and I need to sit down for coffee! Enjoy ;)          Some of the first romances I read as a teen were set in medieval England.  I loved the passion…

Medieval History and Scottish Strife

Let's make your Monday a great one by making it Medieval! I have Lane McFarland visiting today and talking about her own love of the middle ages. Enjoy ;)My passion is writing historical romance novels.I’m fascinated with medieval history and can get quite sidetracked in my research, absorbed in reading…

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