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Relationships That Blossom Into Love

Welcome back for another Medieval Monday and the fascinating authors that write some of your very favorite medievals. Today I have the lovely Cathy MacRae talking about why she writes Medieval Romance. Enjoy :)Welcome tomyworld of Medieval Romance! I have always been drawn to historical romance, and love re-reading some of…

The Middle Ages Call - Barbara Bettis

Medieval Monday with a twist - meet the authors behind the stories you love. Today I have Barbara Bettis telling us why she loves to write about the middle ages :)I’m not sure what calls to me so strongly from the Middle Ages, but whatever it is, has done so…

Mary Morgan Loves Writing Medievals

For the next few weeks, I'm sharing a little bit about the authors involved in the Medieval Monday exchange. These women not only love the research involved in bringing the past to life, but they're able to wonderfully convey it to you, the reader. Whether through time travel, paranormal, or…

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