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I can barely believe it's already December 2016. Did this year fly by or what? Well, the year may be flying by but taking the time to read a good book, especially a time travel romance, you know everything around you is about to fade away and you're going somewhere great.…

#MedievalMonday16 It's Time to Celebrate

Today starts a new theme for our Medieval Monday excerpt share. The days are getting even shorter and that means it is time to celebrate. I have Elisabeth Hobbes with me today with an excerpt fromThe Blacksmith's Wife.Enjoy :)Thundering beats on the door roused them from their bed as men…

#MedievalMonday16 A Traveling Herald and Longshanks Lives

It's Medieval Monday and the last of our traveling excerpts. Sort of sad to see them be done! But today we have such fogye canna even see yer hand in front of yer face;) Enjoy!EXCERPT:Sir Talon Quereste refused to allow a little thing like being lost in a fog prevent him from…

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