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#MedievalMonday16 Traveling Theme? An Enticing Race

I am very excited to be sharing an excerpt from Jenna Jaxon's upcoming release,Seduction at the Christmas Court. And with Jenna as the author, you know this will be one heck of a seduction ;)Excerpt:The cold, crisp air burned the inside of Alyse’s nose on the second day of their…

#MedievalMonday - Traveling On Horseback

Welcome to another medieval Monday! I have my good friend Barbara Bettis with an excerpt from her upcoming release, THE LADY OF THE FOREST. Enjoy!EXCERPT:“Tell Kate to take no chances until I return.” From the downturn of Jamie’s mouth, Henry gathered how well she’d follow such advice.“Hold.” Jamie trotted forward.…

#MedievalMonday Travel Time or Time Travel?

Welcome back to another Medieval Monday! I have the outstanding Mary Morgan with her latest release DRAGON KNIGHT’S RING. Enjoy!Excerpt:“What do ye mean we can finish in the morn?” Adam eyed her skeptically.Meggie stepped away from him. “I haven’t been riding in a few days, so I thought with the…

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