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It's Medieval Monday!!! And we're winding up our villein themed snippets. Today I have Elisabeth Hobbes with a peak atThe Saxon Outlaw's Revenge.Aelric was bound, hands high, to the frame where his father’s body hung. Constance turned to Jeanne in horror, but her sister’s eyes were blank.‘Be silent,’ Jeanne hissed,…

Falling in Love: Writing Romance that Goes Beyond Attraction

My guest today is Ginger Monette and she's sharing a post about the craft of writing. I'm really glad you're here so be sure to scroll down and leave your comments. I wouldn't want you to miss this one :)Have you ever wondered how couples fall in love?As a romance novelist,…

Ladies and Knights? Oh my! #Medievalhop

Welcome back to Medieval Monday where I host different snippets from some amazing medieval romance authors. Today is no different! I have Jenna Jaxon with a peak atBeleaguered. Enjoy!EXCERPT:Geoffrey grinned at his adversary. The fool would make the mistake of underestimating the woman he sought to marry. “She speaks the truth.…

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