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#Medeivalhop Bambi Lynn with Lucan

Welcome back for another Medieval Monday because medieval makes everything better, even Mondays! I have Bambi Lynn visiting today with a snippet fromLucan.Excerpt:And seasoned these men were. He was vaguely aware of Cam and Màili fighting with equal ferocity nearby. Claymores clashed and locked. Men cried out with the effort…

Curse of the Healer Continues

Welcome back for another snippet fromCurse of the Healeron this #WeWriWar Sunday. Aednat is nobility and has her hands full keeping Lorccán out of trouble. Enjoy:She would have to keep an eye on him in the days to come. He was gullible enough to believe every tale he heard, and in a gathering…

Tina Gayle with An #Eggcerpt Exchange

Today I'm participating in the #Eggcerpt Exchange which is a blog hop for all different genres.Youneed to check out the blurb and the excerpt. Please don't miss the cover especially when I have Tina Gayle withMy Future Step Brother! Not to mention that this is a download that will cost…

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