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Antoine Vanner writes historic naval fiction set in the Late-Victorian period. His novels are set in an era of rapid political and technological change and all have an element of strong moral ambiguity. Real events provide the backgrounds and real historical personages play significant roles. Vanner spent many years – some dangerous – in international business and he still travels extensively on a private basis.

Six novels have been published so far in the Dawlish Chronicles Series:

Britannia’s Wolf (Turkey 1877-78)

Britannia’s Reach (Paraguay 1880)

Britannia’s Shark (USA & Cuba 1881)

Britannia’s Spartan (Korea 1882)

Britannia’s Amazon (Britain 1882)

Britannia’s Gamble (The Sudan, 1884/85)

The next novel is due for publication in late 2018

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“Snakes and Ladders” – Guest Blog by J.G. Harlond

“Snakes and Ladders” – Guest Blog by J.G. Harlond                                  J.G. Harlond One of the great rewards for me of entering the writing community – an informal entity, rendered global by social media – is…

The SMS Grosser Kurfürst Disaster, 1878

The loss of SMS Grosser Kurfürst, 1878 Two maritime disasters which involved large loss of life occurred in British waters in 1878. One was about the now-forgotten disaster on the Thames in September 1878 when the excursion paddle steamer Princess Alice was sunk in a collision with the loss of some 640 lives (about…

The Troopship Sant Anna sinking, May 1918

The Troopship Sant Anna sinking, May 1918 The Sant Anna, pre-war. (With acknowledgement to the “Forum PAGES 14-18” website: Les combattants & l’histoire de la Grande Guerre) There is something especially poignant about soldiers being drowned at sea, far from a land battle-front, and May 11th this year was the hundredth…

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