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Antoine Vanner writes historic naval fiction set in the Late-Victorian period. His novels are set in an era of rapid political and technological change and all have an element of strong moral ambiguity. Real events provide the backgrounds and real historical personages play significant roles. Vanner spent many years – some dangerous – in international business and he still travels extensively on a private basis.

Four novels have been published so far in the Dawlish Chronicles Series:

Britannia’s Wolf (Turkey 1877-78)

Britannia’s Reach (Paraguay 1880)

Britannia’s Shark (USA & Cuba 1881)

Britannia’s Spartan (Korea 1882)

The next novel is due for publication in late 2016

From my website

The Panama Crisis of 1885 and Chile’s cruiser Esmeralda

The Panama Crisis of 1885 The Esmeralda and Chile’s fleeting moment of naval superiority  The “Panama Crisis” of 1885 is forgotten today and indeed blew over quickly at the time. It did however serve to highlight the weakness of the United States’ “Old Navy” and supported the necessity of building modern ships…

Two USS Wasps: Glory and Tragedy in the War of 1812

Two USS Wasps Glory and Tragedy in the War of 1812 The name Wasp is one of the oldest and most illustrious names given to ships of the United States Navy. The earliest, a schooner purchased by the Continental Navy in late 1775, was one of the first ships in…

The 1895 disappearance of the Reina Regente

The disappearance of the Reina Regente, 1895 Disappearance without trace of ships at sea still occurs in our own time but was a more common happening before the days of radio allowed transmission of distress calls. Many such losses in the past were associated with poor maintenance and poor operational…

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