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Antoine Vanner writes historic naval fiction set in the Late-Victorian period. His novels are set in an era of rapid political and technological change and all have an element of strong moral ambiguity. Real events provide the backgrounds and real historical personages play significant roles. Vanner spent many years – some dangerous – in international business and he still travels extensively on a private basis.

Four novels have been published so far in the Dawlish Chronicles Series:

Britannia’s Wolf (Turkey 1877-78)

Britannia’s Reach (Paraguay 1880)

Britannia’s Shark (USA & Cuba 1881)

Britannia’s Spartan (Korea 1882)

The next novel is due for publication in late 2016

From my website

The Raids of HMS Doris, December 1914

The Raids of HMS Doris, December 1914 Britain declared war on the Turkish Ottoman Empire on November 5th 1914, the culmination of a complex series of events that resulted in Turkey finally throwing in her lot with Germany and Austro-Hungary. A Turkish attack on Russia brought Britain and France to…

HMS Quebec vs Surveillante Duel 1779

HMS Quebec vs. Surveillante – 1779 Perhaps the most ferocious frigate action ever? Single ship actions, usually between frigates, are remembered as some of the most dramatic actions of the Age of Fighting Sail. They captured the imagination of the public in their own time, making heroes of captains like…

The Worship of Naval Power – 1900

The Worship of Naval Power – 1900 The two decades before the outbreak of the First World War saw naval power being perceived as an essential feature of any self-respecting nation’s power and prestige. Captain, and later Admiral, Alfred Thayer Mahan (1840-1914) of the US Navy was to be the…

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